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Update 2017. While we hoped we could revive this project it has not happened. If anyone is interested in taking over, please leave a comment.

Knit lots of hats and scarves for patients and survivors or breast and ovarian cancers to be donated to the Komen Foundation for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate. We fully support monetary fund raising efforts for the cure. But we also want to do something which will go directly to those who need to know there are people rooting for their health and survival. All skill levels are welcome!

Please join us! The 2011 project ends Sept. 15th.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 3: First pattern - basket weave

Greetings All -
So sorry for posting at the end of the weekend instead of the beginning. My excuse? My aunt and uncle were driving out from California to meet in Western Pennsylvania (among other stops for them). We went to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. It was spectacular! However, in the preparations Friday morning for a clean bathroom for them, and trying to get out.the.door., I just didn't manage to post this week's pattern. I do apologize for this. In the future I plan to post on Fridays so there is the entire weekend to knit. I hope this pattern won't pose too much difficulty for anyone - but please be in touch, we are happy to help.
I'm knitting with Malabrigo Shocking Pink, and oh, I love it.
Above is the first repeat of this pattern. I will be writing the pattern for a garter stitch edge. If you chose something else maintain the pattern for the first four stitches.
rows 1 - 6: knit 4, *purl 4, knit 4, (repeat from * three times), knit 4.
row 7: knit all stitches
row 8: knit 4, purl 32, knit 4
rows 9 - 14: knit 4, *knit 4, purl 4, (repeat from * three times), knit 4.
row 15: knit all stithes (same as row 7)
row 16: knit 4, purl 32, knit 4
repeat rows 1 - 16 once more.
knit one more inch in garter stitch.
Ready for pattern two!
Below is 1 and 1/2 of the pattern, I will post the entire thing once I'm finished, most likely in the middle of the week.
One more hint: To have a nice edging for a scarf, don't knit or purl the first stitch of each row. Just lift it onto the right hand needle, then continue in the pattern. The "lifted" stitch is still the first stitch. Please feel free to comment with any questions, comments or concerns!
I also wanted to add my welcome to everyone. Lisa has been much better about this than I, so I wanted to officially say welcome to the project - we are thrilled you have committed to participate! Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested. Anyone can join at anytime. Thank you and happy knitting.

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