The Plan

Update 2017. While we hoped we could revive this project it has not happened. If anyone is interested in taking over, please leave a comment.

Knit lots of hats and scarves for patients and survivors or breast and ovarian cancers to be donated to the Komen Foundation for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate. We fully support monetary fund raising efforts for the cure. But we also want to do something which will go directly to those who need to know there are people rooting for their health and survival. All skill levels are welcome!

Please join us! The 2011 project ends Sept. 15th.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 2: Garter Stitch Boarder - Lisa

This week, we will begin with a garter stitch boarder – knit each row for approximately one inch to form the bottom of the scarf. I have cast on 40 stitches and plan to use 4 on each side to continue the garter stitch up the right and left side.

For new knitters, this is a “knit only” stitch that acts as a stable end & side to support the different patterns within the scarf. It will help to give the scarf a finished look.

Pic below.

Tara…you’re up!


  1. Okay! One inch done :)

  2. Hello amazing knitters!! I learning about your project through the LA Modern Quilt Guild. I am just finishing up a scarf that I'd love to donate. Can you let me know where I should send my donation?


  3. I started last night! Thanks for getting this started! Are we aiming for a certain width?

  4. Hi Rosanna!

    Congrats! I was working on Tara's basket weave pattern last night myself. It's great to knit again.

    To answer your question: We are not aiming at exact sizes for the width, but something in the 8 inch range.

    We have selected the number of stitches as 40 because that number works with the patterns we are planning.

    I would suggest trying to stay with the 40 stitches and adjust your needle size if you would like to stay within the 8 inch range.

    Does this help?


  5. Hello Kathy!

    Thank you so much for participating! We will be collecting the scarves in September and closer to that date will post where to send them.

    Thanks for checking.