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Update 2017. While we hoped we could revive this project it has not happened. If anyone is interested in taking over, please leave a comment.

Knit lots of hats and scarves for patients and survivors or breast and ovarian cancers to be donated to the Komen Foundation for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate. We fully support monetary fund raising efforts for the cure. But we also want to do something which will go directly to those who need to know there are people rooting for their health and survival. All skill levels are welcome!

Please join us! The 2011 project ends Sept. 15th.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pattern 4 Warrior Hat

Warrior Hat
Size 6 needles
Gauge: 5 sts per inch
CO: 96 sts
Connect in the round and place st. marker. Establish 2X2 rib, continue until you have a 1” brim.
Purl for 1 round.
Begin Chart A:
• Always follow chart from right to left
• Repeat 12 st center 7X per round
• At the end of row 16 P to last 2 sts, place them onto CN to back of work, remove st marker, K2, replace st marker, K2 sts from CN, continue Chart A
Purl 1 round.
Begin decrease rounds: (all even numbered rounds are purled)
• (P6, P2tog) 84 sts remain
3. (P5, P2tog) 72 sts remain
5. (P4, P2tog) 60 sts remain
7. (P3, P2tog) 48 sts remain
9. (P2, P2tog) 36 sts remain
11. (P1, P2tog) 24 sts remain
13. (P2tog) 12 sts remain
Cut a 6” to 8” tail, thread through needle and pass through remaining sts, pull tight and weave in ends.
Block as needed.

Chart A:


The cable pattern for this hat is adapted from Elsbeth Lavold from her book: Viking Patterns for Knitting.

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  1. That looks SO pretty! I hope I can learn how to knit that.