The Plan

Update 2017. While we hoped we could revive this project it has not happened. If anyone is interested in taking over, please leave a comment.

Knit lots of hats and scarves for patients and survivors or breast and ovarian cancers to be donated to the Komen Foundation for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate. We fully support monetary fund raising efforts for the cure. But we also want to do something which will go directly to those who need to know there are people rooting for their health and survival. All skill levels are welcome!

Please join us! The 2011 project ends Sept. 15th.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tying up loose ends

Greetings All, Lisa and Tara here...
We're meeting today to ooooh and aaah over all of the beautiful scarves and tie up the loose ends. Haha - no pun intended. Lisa says, we came through with flying "pink" colors. Thank you again from both of us for making our pilot project such a wonderful success!
We've got one more small detail to ask of you. Lori added a lovely tag to her scarf with a note that includes information about the kind of yarn that was used.
Lisa and I think this was a brilliant idea and would like to add tags to all of the scarves with the yarn info and washing instructions. If you've forgotten what you used we will make an educated guess. Please send this info as soon as possible as we would like to pack them up this week.
Thanks again and great job! When we receive information from the Susan B. Komen Foundation we will post again on this blog.
Lisa and Tara


  1. I sent a message, or so I thought, asking where to send my scarf but I haven't heard anything. I know it's too late but I'd still like to send it to you.

  2. Hi Clay -
    Sorry I didn't get an email! Maybe it landed in my spam and I didn't spot it. Glad you were persistent. Give me a call 562.587.2695 - I'll give you the address. (I don't to post a physical address here).

  3. Hi I think I did put a label and info on my scarf, can't remember the wool but Tara remembers the shop.
    Hand wash, and made with love whilst flying from New York to Brisbane Australia.