The Plan

Update 2017. While we hoped we could revive this project it has not happened. If anyone is interested in taking over, please leave a comment.

Knit lots of hats and scarves for patients and survivors or breast and ovarian cancers to be donated to the Komen Foundation for the Cure, Philadelphia Affiliate. We fully support monetary fund raising efforts for the cure. But we also want to do something which will go directly to those who need to know there are people rooting for their health and survival. All skill levels are welcome!

Please join us! The 2011 project ends Sept. 15th.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Close to Done

Hello All -
Here is one more update. I hope it is the last - but of course if I get more before I drop everything off I will be sure to post. If you are still planning to send something - please drop us an email - Thanks!

This haul we have two more beautiful scarves from Michael and Sarah: A gorgeous braided cloche from Debbie:
Three lovely hats which came in a package with a return sender of Cohen.
And our Canadian... D'Arcy! This was her first major knitting experience and I think it's safe to say she his hooked! Four beautiful hats and a yarn exchange scarf. There is also a lovely story to go with D'Arcy's 7/8 hat (right side of image). D'Arcy absolutely fell in love with this yarn and started knitting the 7/8 hat. She was a little bit more than half way through it when... disaster! ... she ran out of yarn. The local shop did not have anymore - she search far and wide offering bribes left and right. Thanks to - she found Pam who had the same yarn same dye lot D'Arcy needed! But that's not even the best part of the story; D'Arcy explained the pinkknit-a-thon project and Pam, a breast cancer survivor, donated the yarn that D'Arcy could finish the hat.

Thanks again to all who've participated! Stay tuned for the final count and delivery.

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